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Research Line at the NICPRI.UÉ: "Europe, Society, Citizenship and Global Dynamics"

Research Line Coordinator at the NICPRI.UÉ: Hélder Adegar Fonseca

The NICPRI.UÉ is a scientific unit inside NICPRI (the Political Science and International Relations Investigation Centre), located in the University of Évora. It integrates the ACTAE- Political and Social Studies Interdisciplinary Centre, as created in 2002 in that same institution.
The NICPRI.UÉ was created as an interinstitutional centre in 2007 by 9 experts on several academic fields, mainly belonging to ACTAE -Political and Social Studies Interdisciplinary Centre of the University of Évora. These experts had all converging interests in investigation areas as well as post-graduate studies in the fields of International Relations, European Studies and Lusophone Studies. These experts intended to focus upon the development of a common research agenda. With the objective of reinforcing the scientific ability and the promotion of an institutionalised cooperation in the International Relations and European Studies fields with the Faculty of Economics of the University of Coimbra and the School of Economics and Management of the University of Minho, these experts integrated in May 2007 a new Research Unit, the NICPRI, thereafter NICPRI.UM (Centre of Research in Political Science and International Relations of the University of Minho). The research group located at the University of Évora became the NICPRI.UÉ. 


Citizenship and the new Paradigms of Politics

Citizenship and the new Paradigms of Politics

Main Project (2008-2011): GNPC - Globalizações e novos Paradigmas da Cidadania: Perspectivas Transversais.

Coordinators: Manuel Couret Pereira Branco and Silvério Rocha e Cunha

Identity construction and creation of a "European Society"

Identity construction and creation of a “European Society”

Main Project (2008-2011): PIES - Portugal and the “invisible” European Society (20th Century)/ Portugal e a “Europa Invisível” (Séc. XX).

Coordinator: Helder Adegar Fonseca

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