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Identity construction and creation of a "European Society"

Identity construction and creation of a "European Society"

Main Project (2008-2011): PIES - Portugal and the “invisible” European Society (20th Century)/ Portugal e a “Europa Invisível” (Séc. XX).

Coordinator: Helder Adegar Fonseca


- Convergences and Differences between European Societies in the 20th Century

- Exchange and inter-knowledge among Europeans

- Civil society, Organisations and Transnational Actors

- "(Des)Europeanisation" of the Portuguese Intellectuals

The project aims at addressing the following topics within the next 4 years:

- Helder Adegar Fonseca: Social Milieus and Social Mobility: Portuguese Society in comparison (it pursue the prior project FCT about Portuguese Sociqal Mobility in 19-20th centuries).

- Helder Adegar Fonseca: Portuguese Society and Transnational Actors / Epistemic Communities / Organizations in the 20th Century (The Foundations).

- Paulo Eduardo Guimarães: Building the "Invisible" Europe: Transnational Migrations and Tourism. The Portuguese experience 1920-1986.

- João Pedroso de Lima: Sport and Sport International Organizations and the building of an European Society/ "A Europa dos Intelectuais Portugueses"

- Nuno Salter Cid: Secularisation of Marriage in European Societies: legal perspectives of models and dynamics.


Research Team:

- Helder Adegar Fonseca (PL e PI)

- Paulo Guimarães (PI)

- João Tiago Pedroso de Lima (PI)

- Nuno de Salter Cid (PI)

- 4 Bolseiros /4 scholars (Jr)

Reserved area

Tel. +351 253 601 920
Fax. +351 253 601 380
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